Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young – Déjà Vu Live [2008]


(Warner Bros 2008)

1.  What Are Their Names?     2:28
2.  Living with War   3:25
3. After the Garden  3:41
4.  Military Madness  4:02
5. Let’s Impeach the President  5:43
6.  Déjà Vu  7:15
7.  Shock and Awe   5:08
8. Families   2:58
9. Wooden Ships 8:18
10. Looking for a Leader 3:55
11. For What It’s Worth  4:50
12.  Living with War  5:24
13. Roger and Out  3:55
14. Find the Cost of Freedom   3:55
15. Teach Your Children   3:20
16. Living with War  3:01




David Crosby: guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills: guitar, keyboard, vocals
Graham Nash: guitar, piano, vocals
Neil Young: guitar, piano, vocals
Rick Rosas: bass
Chad Cromwell: drums
Spooner Oldham: keyboards
Ben Keith: Pedal Steel
Tom Bray: Trumpet
Produced by Neil Young and L.A. Johnson
Archivist: Rob Clark
Recorded on the 2006 Feedom Of Speech Tour by Rob Clark
Mixed Live by Tim Mulligan and Dave Lohr

Living With War – Theme
Produced by Neil Young and L.A. Johnson
Recorded at Audio Resource, Hololulu, HI
Engineer: Tony Hugar
2nd Engineer: Ruben Durham
Neil Young – piano, synthesizer, bass

100 Voices Choir

Produced by Neil Young and Niko Bolas
Recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA
Arranged by Neil Young and Darrell Brown
Conducted by Darrell Brown and Rosemary Butler
Engineers: Steve Genewick, Jim Hoyson

Post Production Engineers and Digital Editing:
Christopher Hedge at The Magic Shop
Tim Mulligan at Redwood Digital
Mix Assistants: Andre J.H. Zweers and Benhamin Tinker

Mastering by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Direction: Elliot Roberts, Lookout Management, Cree and Donald Miller